European Fiction

- Brian Maston & Lucia Nankoe -

Coming to America

by Hans Magnus Enzensberger. In the autumn 1998 issue of Granta, he penned a piece called Coming to America in which he recounted his experiences of fascism and his encounters with democracy. Download Coming To America [pdf]  

Dead Man Laughing

- Personal History – Jokes run through a family. by Zadie Smith – December 22, 2008 My father had few enthusiasms, but he loved comedy. He was a comedy nerd, though this is so common a condition in Britain as to be almost not worth mentioning. Like most Britons, Harvey gathered his family around the [...]

As Darkness Falls

By FRANCINE PROSE – Published: August 5, 2010 – NY Times For busy, harried or distractible readers who have the time and energy only to skim the opening paragraph of a review, I’ll say this as quickly and clearly as possible: “The Death of the Adversary” and “Comedy in a Minor Key” are masterpieces, and [...]