Regional economy


November 27, 2010

By Andrew T. Codd , I.Miguel Durán de Barbozza and Margot Perrier Transforming the Ruhr from a dying industrial center to a lively cultural area came just in time to preserve the areas history, channeling it into new means without forgetting the area’s heritage, but many hours of organazing meetings were needed to achieve...
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Coal wagons turned into ropes and swim fins

November 25, 2010

By Anna Buch, Ana Muñoz Padrós, Beatriz Paúl Naya and Anna Rydholm. The solution to problems is not always to start from the beginning. That is what they thought in the Ruhr area when the coal industry when died and significant mines were abandoned. Many years of history and work for the people of...
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Ruhr: turning mining into culture

November 25, 2010

By Bart de Bruijn, Bobbie van der List and Kai Heijneman. German coal and steel was the motor of the German economy. It made France and the rest of Europe fear the German military potential, but it also turned out to be the start of european integration. Now the Germans want to preserve their...
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Reach for the Skype

November 2, 2010

By Piers d’Orgee, Steffen Windfeld-Hansen and Michael Huguenin Keeping in touch with people abroad used to be thought of as a pretty expensive process. To directly call someone by phone across a border often leaves one with a phone bill comparable to a mortgage payment. It still can be arduous on the wallet if...
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Valencia – A Leading Economic Motor of the Southern Mediterranean

December 15, 2009

With a robust port structure and a modern, high speed transportation network in place, the region of Valencia is being equipped to make the transition from a progressing region to a global leader in regional development. With developments in place to expand its port, integrate itself as part of the TEN-T network and to...
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