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Enduring the Winds of Change – The Olympiastadion Berlin

December 15, 2009

Unlike Germany, which once reigned dominant in Europe, then crumbled in the post-war years, and eventually divided during the cold war period, the Olympiastadion has somehow endured the winds of change and emerged from it unscathed. It has always managed to serve its intended purpose as an internationally acclaimed sports hub. Once used by...
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The Synagogue in the Courtyard

December 14, 2009

The fall of the wall has brought about a revival of Jewish life in Berlin and the Rykestrasse Synagogue in Prenzlauer Berg In an inner courtyard in a quiet street with five-floor apartment buildings in the former East Berlin residential neighborhood Prenzlauer Berg, is one of the most significant Jewish sites in Berlin: the...
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‘We were not alone.’

December 9, 2009

Peaceful Revolution in the GDR district of Prenzlauer Berg: Gethsemane Church. Protests, hunger strikes, Stasi-spies and a concerned and angry crowd: the Gethsemane Church was the centre of resistance in Prenzlauer Berg against the communist government of East Berlin in October 1989. The protestors were able to get in contact with sources outside of...
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