Opinion: EU not an environment for Muslim states

October 24, 2011

When the European Union was discussing what to put in a proposed constitution, the three pillars suggested were Christianity, Judaism and humanism. Although the pillars (and the constitution) were eventually turned down the idea is still very much alive. In a community where the top players (Britain, France and Germany) carry out policies considered...
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Americans See Culture Loss in EU

September 26, 2011

Ask any American about their ancestrial roots and ready yourself for a bombardment of nationalities.  Perhaps their family originates from Europe, in which case it inevitably becomes more complex.   On my mother’s side, I am Irish, Polish, German, and Scottish they might say.  While on my father’s side, I am English, French, Italien,...
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November 27, 2010

By Andrew T. Codd , I.Miguel Durán de Barbozza and Margot Perrier Transforming the Ruhr from a dying industrial center to a lively cultural area came just in time to preserve the areas history, channeling it into new means without forgetting the area’s heritage, but many hours of organazing meetings were needed to achieve...
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Consolidation needed: Experts predict it won’t last long

September 28, 2010

The European Union is about to enter a period of consolidation according to one of the leading European Union historians in The Netherlands. Richard Griffiths, an economics and history professor, believes the EU needs to catch up with all its recent changes. “I think probably it’s about to stay still for a while…I don’t...
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VISA me the money

September 8, 2010

From the chairs lined up outside the restaurants by the Oudegracht, looking over the canal in the light of the moon and the streetlights, the city of Utrecht paints a beautiful picture. It’s cosy. It’s harmonious. But it’s hiding a big secret. By day, Utrecht is different. Of course there’s the bicycles. Going past...
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“Actual Decision Are Already Taken Behind Closed Doors”

December 10, 2009

Mats Persson, 30 years old, is research director for Open Europe, an independent think tank. Behind it are UK’s leading business people who want to show an alternative direction for European integration. The principles of reform: economic liberalization, a looser and more flexible structure, real powers over EU legislation for national governments and decision...
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